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PHP Web Services


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Lorna Jane Mitchell



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July 2014

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November 11, 2015
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Picture of Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez
This video is a complete course for advance PHP developers can design web services in PHP.

It is good to remark the way the examples are explained, which makes the course easy to follow and understand.

This video course can be divided in four parts: how to deal with HTTP in PHP, most common web services techniques, HTTP debugging and web API design.

The first part covers one chapter 'PHP and HTTP'. In this chapter introduces how to work with PHP curl extension, PHP Streams and the PHP HTTP Library Guzzle.

The second part covers three chapters 'RPC Services', 'SOAP' and 'REST'. 'RPC Services' explains the main concepts of RPC services using Flickr's XML-RPC examples.

This chapter also explains how build and consume RPC services with understandable examples and the best practices in Error handling.

'SOAP' explains the basics of the SOAP protocol, how to build SOAP services, WSDL (Web services description languages) and how to consume a SOAP service with or without WSDL.

'REST' explains the principles of REST including, verbs, URLs and headers, how to implement a RESTful service and how to consume RESTful services.

The third part includes only one chapter: 'Debugging HTTP'. It enumerates and introduces the different type of tools to debug HTTP communications, like online tools such as httpbin, or, command line tools as curl, network protocol analyzers as Wireshark and the way to use in HTTP communications online and offline and web debugging proxies like Charles.

The forth part also includes only one chapter: 'Designing APIs', this chapter introduces interesting concepts about web APIs standardization, how to choose the proper data format depends on data typing requirements and bandwidth in the clients will consume the service, the necessities implement caching in API, authentication and robust error handling.

It is a good video course for advanced PHP developers that know the basics of HTTP protocol, they want to deep into the types of web services (RPC, SOAP and REST), kind of debugging tools for HTTP protocol and the way to design robust web APIs.

PHP Web services is a video course that deals with all the most important issues that involve HTTP web services such HTTP protocol concepts, the different ways the developer can work with HTTP with PHP, different types of Web services (RPC, SOAP and RESTfull APIs) including how to build services and consume them, tools and techniques for debugging HTTP protocol in our applications and the different topics are involved the Web API design.

Read the whole review to learn more about the details about that this video course offers.
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