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Updating mass products infos.

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Subject:Updating mass products infos.
Summary:Asking for help to PHP+MYSQL developers
Author:Erjon Galanxhi
Date:2022-12-23 13:59:00
Update:2022-12-23 15:10:26

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Picture of Erjon Galanxhi Erjon Galanxhi - 2022-12-23 15:10:26
Hello Fellow PHP+MySQL Developers,

I am trying for some months to achieve a fast result in PHP + MYSQL coding.

I have a MySQL database in SERVER A, where are listed 350+ tables with products, like:


I have a webshop also PHP + Mysql database which contains about 200.000SKUs in SERVER B.

Is any fast way how to update those (sku,price,status,delivery_notes) in SERVER B (webshop) on daily basis?
This means those 200.000SKUs must be looking at the SERVER A database on daily basis.

I appreciate your help in this matter.
Thank You
Best Regards

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