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Subject:Updating the database
Author:Jonathan Talbot
Date:2022-07-17 14:57:24
Update:2022-08-09 03:12:18

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Picture of Jonathan Talbot Jonathan Talbot - 2022-07-17 14:57:24
Hello, I am new to all this so please forgive me. Also I know very little about code, that being said.

We are using a website that has been migrated onto a newer server, and is using PHP 7 or above I believe.

Up until the migration everything was working, now since the change some things are not functioning or working correctly.

One main issue is regarding updating data on the database. The one page I am using, it is reading the data from the database, but when I amend data and then submit the changes, the server takes a few seconds longer than it would, then it returns to the same page giving me the message that the update was a success, but it clearly has done nothing.

I have tried with a new connect file and updating the one page I have trouble with by changing mysql to mysqli etc, to the best of my ability, but I seem to go backwards in terms of not even being able to pull any data to the page, so I am wondering if (although I do need to change to mysqli at some point) that at present there is something else wrong in my page that is failing to update data to the server. If I can figure out what this one page is doing, I can solve all the other pages with the same issue.

Any help will be appreciated, I can send code etc. Somebody may look at the code and see what the issue is straight away.

Thanks, Jon

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