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Poll a Folder for new file

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Subject:Poll a Folder for new file
Summary:Script that polls a folder for a new file-or is triggered by eve
Date:2019-06-04 09:53:32
Update:2019-06-04 12:46:01

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Picture of Phil Phil - 2019-06-04 12:46:01
Hi All - hope someone has done this before.

I need to create a PHP script that detects the presence of a new file appearing into a folder, and process it.

This HAS to be supported by Windows IIS (Have looked at FAM for Linux but can't use it).

I could do a loop with some sleep that checks the directory every x seconds - but this has been discounted by the client as either a) too resource hungry or b) not quick enough if there is a delay.

Add ons, extensions or even external 3rd party tools would all be acceptable.

Any ideas?


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