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Subject:Framework Question
Summary:Laravel vs Lumen vs Plain PHP
Author:Jason Olson
Date:2019-04-26 02:46:47

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Picture of Jason Olson Jason Olson - 2019-04-26 02:46:47
Greetings, I have been a 20 year bespoke plain PHP developer, and have started to learn more frameworks to keep up with some of the great stuff I've heard. I understand that it can make coding cleaner and perhaps faster, but perhaps its just me, but they seem really slow... I was testing the performance of a really basic api I wrote in Laravel and the lightweight Lumen and was seeing 16 Req per second (using AB) and that jumped to 38 RPS with Lumen... Which is fast enough for most of my needs, but then I decided to test it against the REST API script I've used for years, and a simple 9 record query was getting over 400 RPS. What a huge performance difference. This test was done on a virtual box, and I understand that I can tweak all the platforms for better performance, but the 10x performance improvement was shocking... What am I missing or not understanding? It almost seems like (respectfully) that frameworks are best for those without a lot of prior experience to prototype something quickly. But if you've been doing it a lot most of us have some really good class libraries that we rely upon.

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