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Subject:Avoid being blacklist...
Summary:you can say what you want
Author:Ingo Buse
Date:2010-07-12 08:44:33
Update:2010-07-12 09:08:49

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Picture of Ingo Buse Ingo Buse - 2010-07-12 09:08:49
you can say what you want but you'll find allways somebody that tries to defend uceprotect. for me it is really obvious, that a blacklist that actually wants me to pay $50 for a delisting if in fact that listing came from respondig to an incoming mail in a way that is described in various RFC. My customers do use autoresponders, and i cant do anything against it - except that i modified the autoresponder routine so far that it wont reply to recognized spam.

but as far as i can see, the market does what it does always, it regulates itself. the "importance" of uceprotect seems to go down every day, and i see less admins using it for blocking spam. we just add their spam traps as soon as were are on their blacklist again, so our customers cannot send mails there (because they usually dont have the technical knowledge to determine if a mail is legit or forged and sometimes they happen to answer).