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UCEPROTECT does nothing wrong

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Subject:UCEPROTECT does nothing wrong
Summary:YOU send backscatter
Author:Thomas Berger
Date:2010-04-06 09:39:58
Update:2010-04-18 23:11:38
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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2010-04-18 23:11:38 - In reply to message 9 from Thomas Berger
I can understand because English may not be your mother tongue, you may be having an hard time understanding what I am saying. Let me try to be more clear one last time.

UCEProtect is the institution that is sending the messages to make mail servers be blacklisted innocently.

If you say you do not believe they are sending the messages to make innocent servers be blacklisted, either you are too naive or you are affiliated with UCEProtect and you are trying to mislead me and everybody else reading this.

The fact is that somebody with the named Claus v. Wolfhausen <> wrote this site one year ago stating this:

"Did you know that we have about 60000 + trapdomains out there, which means you would have to waste decades reading your logs before you would know only the half of them?"

So they admit they control the spam trap domains.

Furthermore I have verified that many of the e-mail addresses sent to our mail servers with sender set to spam trap domain really come the same network of UCEProtect and other networks in Germany.

Also if you search in Google for "UCEProtect scam" you will get many pages where people explain further why they are sure UCEPROTECT is a scam.

So, if you want to keep believing in Santa Claus (ironically the UCEPROTECT guy is called Claus) and that this is not all setup by UCEProtect people, it is your problem.

Other than that, our newsletters provide information to unsubscribe them via Web and e-mail. Certain users prefer e-mail, so the site has to support them in a way that we can afford.

Unfortunately you are still having an hard time to understand what I already explained, i.e. that our e-mail system already checks if the unsubscribe messages come from addresses of real subscribers.

The matter is that real users sometimes send unsubscribe requests from addresses different from what they use, so we cannot ignore those users and need to reply telling that they may be subscribed with a different address. But we could not do this in real time when qmail-smtpd is receiving the message because it would not scale and it would be easier to bring the site down just by flooding it with e-mail.

It is not a matter of more or less code, it is a matter of paying for the additional servers that it would require.

Anyway, I can see that you continue to be arrogant and disrespectful. Therefore this thread is closed.

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