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pure-PHP ssh2 implementation

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Subject:pure-PHP ssh2 implementation
Summary:should be easier to use than PECL's ssh2 extension
Author:Thomas McKinzey
Date:2009-02-19 16:23:01
Update:2009-02-20 17:01:28

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Picture of Thomas McKinzey Thomas McKinzey - 2009-02-19 18:35:05
As someone noted on the authors blog, there's a pure-PHP implementation available that's much more deployable than this solution. Shared hosts, for instance, don't generally let you pick and chose which PECL extensions you want to install - you either use what they have or you don't use them at all.

Here's the blog post mentioning the pure-PHP solution: ...

A direct link to the pure-PHP solution:

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Picture of Jaimie Sirovich Jaimie Sirovich - 2009-02-20 17:01:28 - In reply to message 1 from Thomas McKinzey

This is for backups pulled to you _from_ the web server. All the web server needs is SSHd itself. Yes, I agree that it's hard to deploy on a web server, but we have it installed on a backup server over here (that we control), and it works great. The blog was about that ... not running it on a shared hosting box ;)

I haven't looked at the pure PHP implementation, but I expect it will have some nasty bugs as well ;/ Thanks for reminding me about it. I should look at it eventually.