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Agree on no Trust

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Subject:Agree on no Trust
Summary:Been there, watched demise of MANY companies
Author:Dennis Gearon
Date:2008-12-20 02:53:47
Update:2008-12-20 03:09:22

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Picture of Dennis Gearon Dennis Gearon - 2008-12-20 03:09:22
I have been in the personal computer world, and had about 80% of all types out there, starting in the late 70's as M$ got its start.

Even in the DOS days, M$ would advertise OS features, get companies with good small ideas dependent on the feature, and delete the feature with the next release. But the idea went into the OS, BTW. Company would have to start over with their OS hooks, and meanwhile, the marketshare disappeared.

My impression, is that given the right environment, M$ would sabotage PHP's market share in a 'One M$ Way' second.

It's only by the free, passionate effort of people like Manual Lemos that PHP expands its abilities and marketshare. Being commoditized and marginalized by Industry titans would do the opposite.