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Subject:PHP Training and Certification
Summary:Newbie looking for professional advice as to training
Author:Wallace Center
Date:2009-11-28 04:21:17
Update:2012-10-14 12:23:29

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Picture of Wallace Center Wallace Center - 2009-11-28 04:52:15
Mauricio or anyone else,
I am currently looking for a change in career directions. I have made up my mind to get into PHP programming. My question is this, what is the best place for PHP training? Either online or in class? I want something that will give me a certificate that I took the class and passed, giving me a good skill set and knowledge of the language.

Is the online classes offered through Zend something that a new to programming person should consider? Or should I look to other training first to gather some knowledge then get into the Zend classes with the focus of getting Zend certified?

I really appreciate any comments or help. I really want to get this going and make sure I head in the correct direction, not a dead end. Please email me at

Thank you everyone. I am excited to get into the world of PHP, so any help you can offer would be just so much appreciated.