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Subject:automated Updates
Summary:Automated Updates with all kinds off Interest
Date:2014-05-01 20:51:24
Update:2014-05-02 09:45:45

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Picture of Karl Karl - 2014-05-01 21:37:18
I like to update any classes automatically. Mostly if you update with Composer you will fail with incompatibility.
I use the way to download a zip but this is with many zips a Long time.
With the VCS you download sometimes any Version of the last 10 years and any Change during that period, this will be a Long downloading.

I am looking for a Long time to get an automated
updating and sometimes it will be nice if you could choose the Versions for download, but I never found a solution.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2014-05-02 09:45:45 - In reply to message 1 from Karl
If you install packages with Composer from the PHP Classes Composer server, it will use the version numbers in the package records instead of what may be in the package composer.json file.

If you have issues, please tell me one package that you want to install from the PHP Classes Composer repository that you have such issues so I can reproduce the problem.

In general Composer servers do not use the composer.json file from the packages.

They also cache pre-built zip files instead of downloading packages from version control repositories, or else it would be very, very slow for composer to retrieve packages.

Currently PHP Classes does not have its own version control repository for packages, so it does not have multiple versions of a package, only the last imported one.

If you need older package versions, you may need to import them directly from the version control repository. I am not sure if you can configure composer to do that for you.