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pHp is Prince of Web Development

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Subject:pHp is Prince of Web Development
Summary:and sux eggs
Author:Chris Morton
Date:2013-02-20 08:06:57
Update:2013-02-20 08:08:31

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Picture of Chris Morton Chris Morton - 2013-02-20 08:08:31
Firstly, the best thing about pHp is its versatility across platforms, coupled with its zero cost and pHp's easy to understand API this promotes pHp to Jack of Web Development languages.

Now then why do I think sux ostrich eggs? Firstly because i have to update the operating system, development tools and security patches all the time. This is a major pain in the behind. I am sick of having to update this, patch that and constantly deal with all sorts of Microsoft bull crap. I wish I could sue Microsoft for loss of productive hours and get some kind of monetary compensation for time wasted in the office...alas I have switched permanently to pHp. If remunerated accordingly at inflated cost to company I will consider Microsoft technologies again...

So why is pHp prince not king? well to be perfectly honest it takes in some cases a lot more work than in to achieve some functionality, since there are lots of 3rd party .net components available. In contrast pHp is also well supported, and open source is a bonus...the problem comes in with different standards that programmers have implemented in the open source pHp files...differences in the way the language has been implemented to achieve a certain task. This occasionally may cause some issues with newbie developers, however most experienced developers can adapt well to different standards. This is why open source is just a Prince and not a King, however time will tell and the I am optimistic that pHp will emerge to be the King of Web Development.