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The Plot to Kill PHP

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Subject:The Plot to Kill PHP
Summary:Forcing unnecessary work instead of offering benefits
Author:Christian Sager
Date:2011-07-18 05:57:43
Update:2011-07-18 06:27:27

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Picture of Christian Sager Christian Sager - 2011-07-18 06:27:27
This intention of the lead developers of php is sad news to me. I shows a detachment from real live problems people, who create software with php, are facing.

Clear, software has a live span. Application requirement will dictate the renewing or even discarding of software written.

To force developers to change running software with no other benefit than beeing more object oriented is to me like making the life of php users willfully miserable.

Rather making the new solutions so compelling that everybody wants to use them, is in the real spirit of php.