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PHP performance upgrade

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Subject:PHP performance upgrade
Summary:performance metrics
Author:Hobby turysta
Date:2022-08-19 06:49:19
Update:2022-08-19 08:32:28

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Picture of Hobby turysta Hobby turysta - 2022-08-19 08:20:54
I just changed php version from 7 into 8.1 and my website which runs on Joomla CMS start to performance better. Which tool I can use to check what is the performance metrics?

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2022-08-19 08:32:28 - In reply to message 1 from Hobby turysta

As far as I know, the Scout tool does not yet support Joomla. Maybe they will keep it in the future.

For Web sites with public pages, you can try the Google Lighthouse tool to measure the speed of delivery and render the pages to a browser like Google Chrome.

The Google Lighthouse comes built-in in the Google Chrome browser. Try these steps:

1. Open the More Tools menu in the Google Chrome

2. Click on the Developer tools item

3. In The embedded window that appears, you may find a Lighthouse tool in the window bar. Click on the Lighthouse button.

4. Click on the Analyze page load blue button on the left of the window

The Lighthouse tool will start loading the page to measure the time it takes to retrieve and render the page data.

In the end, you will see some grades from 0 to 100. The performance will be one of those grades.

Below the grades, you will have several performance improvement suggestions for you to change your site in many aspects that may need to be improved to have better performance.