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PHP Font Chooser Menu
Some applications render graphics that include text. Text can be displayed using many different types of fonts.

User-friendly graphic applications allow users to choose the fonts that the application will use to display the text.

This package implements a font chooser user interface to let users choose fonts and background colors and see how the text will look.
Options Resolver
Many classes need to be configured using options provided by the developers in the code that calls the classes' functions.

One way to pass options values is to use arrays with the names and the importance of the options that will be changed.

This package simplifies processing options arrays passed to classes by extracting the values from collections or default values defined within the class.
ActiveRecord is a popular software design pattern many applications and frameworks use to store and retrieve objects in relational tables.

Often applications that use the active record design pattern define hierarchies of class objects and establish relations between enslaver and enslaved person objects.

This package can help applications that use the active record design pattern implementation with the YII framework to automate the process of updating slave objects based on the changes in master objects.
PHP WhatsApp API
Many people use WhatsApp daily to communicate with each other using their mobile phones or computers.

Several APIs allow developers to send messages to other WhatsApp users via WhatsApp.

This package uses the official API from the Meta Group to send messages to other WhatsApp users.
Yii2 PHP Icon Picker
Many Web applications let the users configure certain aspects of how the applications appear to their users.

In some cases, the applications let the users pick icons shown in different parts of the application pages.

This package provides a solution that lets application developers add a widget to a form of application options that allows application users to pick icon images for any practical purpose of the application.
Rimau waf
Security is a delicate area that requires the attention of professionals capable of implementing several measures to protect applications against badly intentioned people.

This package implements an application to make it easier to implement many security measures that Web server modules like ModSecurity and mod_proxy can implement.
Melis Templating Plugin Creator
Content management systems (CMS) are helpful to help creating new sites very quickly.

Many CMS can be extended with plugins that make them more useful.

This package provides a plugin that helps developers to create new plugins for the Melis CMS system that can generate pages based on template scripts.

This way, developers can create faster, simple plugins that can output pages for specific purposes.
Simple PHP Password Manager
Password managers are helpful applications that can store the passwords users use to access different types of sites securely.

This package implements a password manager application in PHP.

Users can use this password to manage the application on their site. This way, they do not have to store passwords in password manager sites they do not trust.
WordPress is a very popular content management system written in PHP.

Its popularity is due to how it allows other developers to extend WordPress using plugins that any other developer can write.

Woocomerce can extend WordPress capabilities by turning a WordPress Web site into an e-commerce site.

This package provides a WordPress plugin that allows developers to control shopping carts managed by Woocommerce via the WordPress API.
My WordPress Plugin List
One of the reasons many sites use WordPress as the platform to publish content on their Web sites is that it can be extended with plugins that can make inserting new types of content in posts easy.

This package provides several useful plugins that allow WordPress users to insert several types of content in the posts with just a few new tags.

It provides plugins for managing newsletter subscriptions, showing Facebook posts and GitHub projects, showing to-do lists, weather reports, and YouTube videos.