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Class: Realtime PHP Currency Exchange
Convert currency amounts using different sites
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Last change: Fixed issues with OpenExchange conversion. yeah ;) Fixed issues with class variables and improved exception logging. Thanks to Sergii Skorokhodov of for the suggestions
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Currency Converter ==================== Currency Converter is a multi-API based realtime money converter. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the conversion as it is based on several feeds out there. Currently we have used three currency feeds available freely in the net. We have used OpenExchange, Yahoo Finance and Rate Exchange [not completed yet]. F.A.Q ==================== = Open Exchange Account with AppId - To enable the Open Exchange feed, we need an AppId which we can generate from by clicking the Get Your App Id Link on the top right of the site. Under the plans you can see the "Forever Free" plan and register with your email to get the AppId. * AppId for testing purpose: dde15ce68f0a42709c53c6e286d6194c [1000 Requests/Month] = Currency API with Key - To enable Currency API, we need to login to the site On login to the site, you will get an API Key generated in your Dashboard. This API only support limited currencies, but provide reliable fast service. * Key for testing purpose: 1cd79c61dd1b6b50f7eb2026e397e75e49c82221 [3000 Request/Month] = The Other Feed - We have Yahoo Finance( doesn't need any Key or Registration to access the feeds and get the result. = Why Three Feeds - I use three feeds, all having most accurate feeds with 99% of uptime guaranteed. Two of the feeds need Registration and to get App Key. The third one (Yahoo), does not need any Key to get the data. So at least one of the Conversion works always, which gives 100% result availability. = Exceptions.log - Make sure the exceptions.log has full permission so that the class can write the issues it gets on converting feeds. It is always recommended to turn on the Exceptions to identify the issues. You can turn the Error Log off by change the value of the ErrorLog variable to false. TODOs ==================== FIXES ==================== Fixed the OpenExchange Conversion Calculation. Note to the Developers out there: ==================== = Please feel free to check the accuracy of the feeds and let me know how we can improve the currency conversion to the better level. = Let me know if you have any list of APIs that supports Currency Conversion. = I have set up git repository for this project, publically available on Please check the URL Fork it, Develop it, for good!. Thanks! --------------------------------------- / Developed By: Anish Karim \ | Email: thecoderinATgmailDOTcom | \ Version: 0.2.1 / --------------------------------------- \ /\ ___ /\ \ // \/ \/ \\ (( O O )) \\ / \ // \/ | | \/ | | | | | | | | | o | | | | | |m| |m|