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Class: pop3ml
Manage mailing lists using a POP3 account
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------- INSTALL ------- Requirements ------------ php Ver. => 4 mysql Ver. => 4 smtp.php mime_parser.php rfc822_addresses.php pop3.php sasl.php (if you use smtp servers like gmail) login_sasl_client.php ntlm_sasl_client.php optional -------- test_pop3ml.php (you can use it to test your pop3 account) test_smtp.php (for outgoing smtp server test. run it before configure mltable smtp values) clean_pop3ml.php if you want to keep clean and remove all expired records from tables, queued messages, messages waiting for moderation and subscribe/unsubscribe requests, use it test_pop3ml.php an extra php script to test mailing lists class.viewmsg.php required by 'test_pop3ml.php' class.scheduledate.php to manage email scheduling How to install Pop3ml --------------------- - Uncompress zip/tgz file (ie. /tmp/pop3ml.tgz) into your http server DOCUMENT_ROOT (ie. /srv/www/htdocs) cd /srv/www/htdocs tar xzvf /tmp/pop3ml.tgz cd pop3ml - create ml database mysqladmin -u username -p create pop3ml mysql -u username -p pop3ml <./sql/pop3ml.sql - create mltable record mysql -u username -p pop3ml <./sql/mltable.sql for italian version: mysql -u username -p pop3ml <./sql/mltable-it.sql - download all required php scripts (if URLs have changed search '' for new location) into "includes" folder - check file ownership and permission - run your browser to (for example), select database 'pop3ml' and table 'mltable'. adjust mltable record filling all field (see below for explanation). It's better to add subscribers list after some tests. - edit config.php file and adjust some variables (mlinfo->listname with listname, user/password...) - test installation. Run your browser: if you receive a message like this: 2009/01/29 11:31:34. mylistname: 0 mess. you can go on with smtp test, otherwise there is a problem with pop3 account. - make smtp test. Send an email message to ML address (i.e. a message without subject and body only with 'help' for getting some help text). Be aware, messages could delay (queue, slow smtp server,lan traffic,..). Run your browser: if you don't receive a message like this: 2009/01/29 11:37:22. mylistname: 1 mess. total size [495] # 1, size [495]: there is a problem sending message to smtp server. You can use "test_smtp.php" to solve the problem. - you can also make some tests with 'test_pop3ml.php'. with this extra program you can test your ML subscriber list, mail filter, allow subscribers list, deny subscribers list, automatic mailer detection, ml messages and smtp server test. if you check 'send mail' test message will be sent, otherwise only smtp connection will be tested. for example: +--------------------+ +---+ mlname | mylist | send mail | | +--------------------+ +---+ +---------------------------------+ smtp "MAIL FROM" | | +---------------------------------+ subject |running test_pop3ml.php script | +---------------------------------+ header +-------------------------------------------+ | from: | | subject: running test_pop3ml.php script | +-------------------------------------------+ body +-------------------------------------------+ | testing mylist with this simple message | +-------------------------------------------+ the 'test result' message will be: +-----------------------------------------------------------+ | | | EMAIL DATA: | | from: | | to: | | subject: running test_pop3ml.php script | | | | | | CHECK SENDER RESULT: deny | +-----------------------------------------------------------+ otherwise putting this text into header/body: +---------------------------------+ smtp "MAIL FROM" | | +---------------------------------+ subject | | +---------------------------------+ header +-------------------------------------------+ | from: | +-------------------------------------------+ body +-------------------------------------------+ | subscribe digest | +-------------------------------------------+ the test result message will be: +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | EMAIL DATA: | | from: | | to: | | subject: | | | | | | CHECK SENDER RESULT: deny | | | | Got command: SUBSCRIBE | | | | RCPT TO: | | | | | | To: | | From: | | Subject: confirm subscribe | | Precedence: bulk | | | | You have received this email because you, or someone else, submitted a subscription request for: | | | | <> DIGEST mode | | | | Please confirm your subcription, sending a message with code below or simply hit "reply" button. | | If you don't approve simply ignore this message. | | | | <> | | | | Thank you. | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ you can use this program to test smtp functionality too, in a little easier way then sending messages to a pop3 account. just add one user to subscribed list (see below), run the program again and click the 'send and debug' field: +--------------------+ +----+ mlname | mylist | send mail | \/ | +--------------------+ +----+ +---------------------------------+ smtp "MAIL FROM" | | +---------------------------------+ subject |running test_pop3ml.php script | +---------------------------------+ header +-------------------------------------------+ | from: | | subject: running test_pop3ml.php script | +-------------------------------------------+ body +-------------------------------------------+ | testing smtp server | +-------------------------------------------+ in this sample i have subscribed an account with a wrong domain (, while my smtp server only manages '' domain and it is not configured as open relay. the program will really try to send the message, using smtp 'MAIL FROM' as sender and enabling 'debug' functionality of 'smtp.php' script. the output of test will be: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | EMAIL DATA: | | from: | | to: | | subject: running test_pop3ml.php script | | | | CHECK SENDER RESULT: subscribed | | | | STARTING SMTP: | | | | Connecting to host address "" port 25... | | Connected to SMTP server "". | | S 220 ESMTP | | C EHLO localhost | | S | | S 250-PIPELINING | | S 250 8BITMIME | | C MAIL FROM:<> | | C RCPT TO:<> | | C DATA | | S 250 ok | | S 250 ok | | S 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1) | | Disconnected. | | | +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ - after succesfully ML test, copy the shell script to an excecutable directory and adjust it (user and password if required). you can use other programs/shell scripts to run php script (lynx for example) cp ./template/ /usr/local/bin or cp ./template/ /usr/local/bin/ - if you want to run 'clean_pop3ml.php': cp ./template/ /usr/local/bin or cp ./template/ /usr/local/bin/ - edit your crontab file and add your personal data crontab -e (this example runs Pop3ml every 10 minutes, from 8:00 AM to 20:00 PM, and from monday to saturday) 0,10,20,30,40,50 8-20 * * 1-6 /usr/local/bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1 - if you have created '' add this extra row to your contab file (you can change any time/hour/day value) (this example runs clean_pop3ml.php from monday to saturday day at 01:04 AM) 4 1 * * 1-6 /usr/local/bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1 - check periodically log files (default "/var/log/pop3ml.log") How to insert more lists with phpMyAdmin: ---------------------------------------- - edit one 'mltable' record (choose one with similar data) - change 'id' value (inserting the last record id plus 1) and listname to avoid duplicate records, and all data you like (listaddr, smtpserver,sublist,....) - change 'SAVE' option value (at the bottom of page) to 'insert as new row' (pay attention to this point to avoid rewriting the original list record) - click the 'GO' button How to configure lists (database 'pop3ml' table 'mltable') ---------------------------------- field list - id autoincrement primary key (unique value) - typology used only with 'goshweb', do not touch - listname ml list name. Put it into 'config.php' to run this list (unique value) - hostname pop3 data (format 'hostname:port:tls', ie '') set tls to '1' if smtp server require TLS (you can use '\t' as delimiter too) - listaddr ML address corresponding to pop3 account (ie. '') - listuser pop3 user account - listpoppass pop3 password - listowneremail list owner for contacts - parentlist it's very useful to allow post between lists. if you have a master list named 'master' and two children lists, for example 'list1' and 'list2', every subscribed address of 'list1' could post to its own list and to 'master' list, but he cannot post to 'list2', and so for 'list2' addresses. you have two ways to solve this problem. the first one is to copy all subscribed addresses of 'list1' to 'allow' field of 'list2' and vice-versa. the second one is to put into 'list1' and 'list2' 'parentfield' the name of parent list 'master'. in this way every 'allow' children list field will be filled with 'master' subscribers list and allowed subscribers list. it can have multiple list name values comma separated (ie. 'firstlist,secondlist,thirdlis') - msgsize max size for messages - smtpserver outgoing smtp server for message delivery. you can add more then one smtp server in this form (you can use '\t' as delimiter too): smtpserver:port:ssl:pop3port:popuser:poppassword:tls smtpserver1:port:ssl:pop3port:popuser:poppassword:tls (ie.) - mltype 'm' for mailinglist. Only 'allowed' or 'subscribed' users can post. Only 'allowed' users will receive messages delivered by ML 'n' for newsletter. Only 'allowed' users can post. Only 'subscribed' user will receive messages - confirmsub 'yes' new subscribers will receive mail request to confirm subscription 'no' no request will be sent to subscribers (deprecated) - confirmunsub 'yes' new subscribers will recerive mail request to confirm unsubscription 'no' no request will be sent to unsubscribers (deprecated) - moderatedlist 'yes' new messages from subscribers need approvation from moderator(s) 'no' no moderation for messages - subscriptionmod 'yes' new confirmation request have to be confirmed from moderator(s) 'no' no moderation form subscription - subscribersonly 'yes' ml is private, only 'allowed' and 'subscribed' users can post 'no' ml is public, everybody can post but only 'subscribed' will receive messages if you want ML acting as forwarder, set this field to 'no' and empty 'headerchange' value (described below), so all read emails will be delivered without any header change. - removeafterpop 'yes' delete message after delivery 'no' messages won't be removed after delivery - shutdown 'yes' ml is (temporarily) disabled 'no' ml is active - recipientlimit if your smtp server has a limit for simultaneous 'RCPT TO' command. set it to '0' for no limit. - senddigest send digest time in this format: '[day:]hour:minutes'. for example: 'mon:06:10' '12:10' or one of this values: 1,2,3,4,6,8,12 'mon:06:10' (every monday at '06:10') '12:10' (every dat at '12:10') '1' (send every hour) '2' (send every 2 hours, first at '02:00', next at '04:00','06:00' and so on) '3' (send every 3 hours, first at '03:00', next at '06:00','09:00' and so on) ... '12' (twice a day, first at '12:00', second at '24:00') if set to '', script will use 'SEND_DIGEST' script's define. - digestmaxsize max size for digest message: '#[KM]' ie. '65536' (byte size), '64K' (Kbyte size), '1M' (Mbyte size) if 'DIGEST_MAX_SIZE' script's define is set to some value, all ML's 'digestmaxsize' field will be overridden. - digestmaxmsg max number of messages per digest. if 'DIGEST_MAX_MSG' script's define is set to some value, all ML's 'digestmaxmsg' field will be overridden. - sublist subscribers list. add addresses separated by CR. you can put users email address or, if this ML has sublist(s) (children), you can put here ML listname (please refer to README file) (ie.) other-list-name - modsublist moderator(s) list. as subscribers list. add addresses separated by CR. as 'sublist' field, you can put here other ML listname too, so child ML subscribers can be moderators of parent ML - denysublist rejected address list. addresses will be REGEXP(ed). as 'sublist' field, you can put here other ML listname too, so to child ML subscribers will be disabled posting to parent ML (ie. '.*' '.*paypal') - allowsublist allowed address list. addresses will be REGEXP(ed) and will not receive messages (post only). as 'denysublist' field, you can put here ML listname too, so child ML subscribers could post to parent ML - digestsublist subscribers list for digest mode. as 'sublist' field, you can put here ML listname too, so child ML subscribers will receive all digest emails with post right to parent ML. - mailfilter you can put here any kind of regexp filter (similar to procmail). allowed commands are: drop (drop email) owner [text] (notify owner with '[text]' as body message and original email as attachment) store (store email into cache folder. useful if you have not enabled 'cachemessage') notify [text] (notify user with '[text]' as body message and original email as attachment) redirect [emailaddress], [emailaddress], [emailaddress]......... (forward email to [emailaddress](s)) :0 H * ^Subject: (mail delivery failed|failure notice|delivery status notif).* owner bounced mail :0 B * ^content-type: application/octet-stream drop notify invalid attachment :0 * \b(viagra|cialis|peptide)\b drop notify junk mail, not accepted owner junk mail with subject 'viagra!cialis!peptide' :0 H * ^list-(un|)subscribe: drop - headerchange put here header(s) you want to add, remove or change, from messages sent to subscribers. format: [!]HeaderDef [HeaderValue] [{Regexp pattern}] for example: Reply-To __LISTADDRESS__ (__LISTADDRESS__ will be replaced with pop3ml->mltable->listadd) return-receipt-to (this header row will be removed from message header) Mailing-List contact <__LISTOWNER__> (__LISTWONER__ will be replaced with pop3ml->mltable->listowneremail) Subject [Bigband-__LISTNAME__] \1 {/(.*)/} (Subject header value will be replaced with its original value after '[Bigband-listname]' text) !return-path __USERADDRESS__ (return-path header will be set only if it not exists yet) - trailerfile body text appended to every message delivered by ML (only for "text/plain" messages format) - language text used for subscription, unsubscription, welcome, gooodbye,.. and terms used by script - rowlock '' ML is not busy and ready to accept messages 'user_remoteserveraddress-date' ML is busy for delivery or data administration. if you are using phpMyAdmin or similar programs set this value not equal to '', to block temporarily ML delivery, or set 'shutdown' to 'yes' ie. 'root@' /* WARNING! Be careful with messages! You can easily reach max size for a * php script (normally 10M) or (for example) max_allowed_packet for mysql. */ enjoy