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Class: PHP Random User Generator
Generate random data for users from
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Random User PHP SDK

This SDK allows You to generate from 1 to 2048 users at one time


KielD01\RandomUser::__construct($version = null) Sets the latest version, if $version is null or throws an Exception.

KielD01\RandomUser::asJson() Sets the header of Content-Type to application/json.

KielD01\RandomUser::setVersion($version = null) Sets the $this->version to $version. Throws an Exception.

KielD01\RandomUser::setOutputFormat($format = null) Sets the output format between 'json', 'xml', 'pretty', 'yaml', 'csv'

KielD01\RandomUser::setResultsCount($results = null) Sets results count. Available range is from 1 to 2048.

KielD01\RandomUser::setPage($page = 1) Sets results page

KielD01\RandomUser::setSeed($seed = null) Sets seed

KielD01\RandomUser::setNoInfo($noInfo = false) Disable or Enable info object.

KielD01\RandomUser::setNationalityOnly($nationality = null, $value = false) Set nationality value or values to $value

KielD01\RandomUser::setIncludedOrExcludedFields($type = 'inc', $fields = null, $value = true) Sets included or excluded fields

KielD01\RandomUser::getVersion() Returns version

KielD01\RandomUser::getNationalities() Returns nationalities list due to version

KielD01\RandomUser::getQuery() Returns request query to be sent

KielD01\RandomUser::getResults() Returns KielD01\RandomUser\Helpers\Colelction, which contains items array of an KielD01\RandomUser\Helpers\Entity

KielD01\RandomUser::fetch($debug = false) Fetch the results from the API and transform it into KielD01\RandomUser\Helpers\Collection



use KielD01\RandomUser\RandomUser;

try {
    $randomUser = new RandomUser('1.1');

    $results = $randomUser
        ->setNationalityOnly('us', true)

    // ToDo : Process with $results
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "<pre>{$e->getMessage()}</pre>";