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Class: PHP Message Sender
Send SMS, MMS, EMail, Viber, Voicemail with SMSC
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How to install this package?

composer require kield-01/smsc-ua-sms-sender dev-master to use current version

What You need to have to use this package?

  • CakePHP 3.3.x

After You require this package, it will install fabpot/goutte package

How to set up this component?

There is 2 options, how to initialize

Option 1

Set up credentials key in config/app.php:

    'smsc_ua' => [
        'login' => '__LOGIN__',
        'psw' => '__PASSWORD__'

Option 2

Set up credentials after loading component:

    use Cake\Controller\Component\SmscUaComponent;

    * Class X
    * @property SmscUaComponent $SmscUa
    class X extends AppController
        public function initialize(){
                    ->setArgument('login', '__LOGIN__')
                    ->setArgument('psw', '__PASSWORD__');


/Allows You to add one number to current numbers list/

/Allows You to add bulk to current numbers list/
$this->SmscUa->setNumbers(['380666666666', '380666666667']);

/Allows You to set message Text/
$this->SmscUa->setMessageBody('Random text');

/Allows You to change Response format/
$this->SmscUa->setResponseFormat('string'); // Response as string data
$this->SmscUa->setResponseFormat('digits'); // Response as digits, separated by ','
$this->SmscUa->setResponseFormat('xml');    // Response as XML Document
$this->SmscUa->setResponseFormat('json');   // Response as JSON Object

/Sending methods/
$this->SmscUa->sendPlainTextSMS(); // Sending simple SMS