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Name: Gabriel Couto <contact>
Classes: 1
Country: Brazil Brazil
Age: 36
All time rank: 3606284 in Brazil Brazil
Week rank: 234 Up16 in Brazil Brazil Up
All time users: 380
Week users: 0
Innovation award
Innovation award
Nominee: 1x

Winner: 1x
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  Files folder image PHP Gameboy Emulator  
PHP Programming Innovation award winner
March 2016

Prize: One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
Emulate Gameboy console in a terminal in pure PHP
This package can emulate Gameboy console in a terminal in pure PHP.

It can run a Gameboy virtual machine by emulating its hardware and executing games Z80 CPU assembly code with PHP code.

The Gameboy screen is outputted to the terminal console using braille characters. Keyboard inputs are mapped to Gameboy key controls.
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All time: 96% 92% - 89% - - 66% 535
Month: Not yet rated by the users

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