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Name: Ryan Cole <contact>
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Country: United States United States
Age: ???
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Innovation award
Innovation award
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  Files folder image PHP Emulated SQL Filesystem  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
April 2016
Number 5
Emulate a filesystem storing files in SQL database
This class can emulate a file system storing files in a SQL database.

It can connect to a given database using PDO and performs several types of operations with names very similar to DOS and Linux to make it work like a file system. Currently it can:

- Set the name of the currently emulated disk
- Change the current directory to a given path
- List files of given path
- Fetch information of a file
- Fetch information of all files with a given path
- Get subdirectories of a given directory
- Change the current directory to the parent directory
- Read or write to a given file
- Remove a file or a directory
- Copy a file to another
- Check if a file exists
- Set or get the owner of a given file
- Write a file with a given uploaded file contents
- Serve a given file for download
- Load or save serialized data to a file
- Resolve the path of file with given parameters
- Create, list and describe disk volumes
- Format, check the status, defragment, and backup a disk
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