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New server migration and update site terms of use

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After being hosted in shared servers for almost 6 years, the PHP Classes site is finally going to be migrated to a new dedicated server.

Over the years the site has been optimized to minimize the use of the server resources by the using extensive content caching methods to avoid database accesses and background job queuing to give priority to Web page serving.

Despite these efforts, the exponential growth of the site audience and the difficulty of optimizing external applications like the advertising server used by the site have made it reach to a point that the site can no longer run in a shared server that, as you may have noticed, is frequently slowed down by sites of other hosting clients running on the same hardware.

The site has been off-loaded by many mirror hosts but these can only serve content that does not require accessing the site database server that only the main site can access.

I would like to this take this opportunity to apologize to all the hosts that have submitted requests to host a mirror site, but so far have not received any reply. The demand for mirror hosts has been so overwhelming that the requests can no longer be handled manually as they have been until now.

I intend to implement a more automated mirror request submission system that will minimize the need for human intervention. Until I make time to develop such system, I would like to ask all hosts that submitted mirror requests to be a little more patient. I will contact you all when the system is ready.

Back to the migration of the site server, it is expected to happen sometime this Sunday 27th. If all goes well, the down time should not take more than one hour. However, since the site the new server uses a newer OS distribution and it will have a new IP address, it may take more time.

Since the DNS needs to be updated, if you are not able to access the site in the following days under the domain, you may try using the domain instead. Since the cookies cannot be shared between different domains, you may need to login again when you use the other domain.

I expect that the site performance improves dramatically after this upgrade, especially after splitting the main site pages from the advertising pages into different Web servers. I hope this also helps making the advertising do not slow down so much the loading of the pages as it has been happening until now. So, please be patient until the migration is concluded.

I also would like to bring your attention to the fact that after the migration the site will be presenting its terms of use. These terms of use are meant to clarify details of the way the site works that sometimes seem to be misunderstood and were making me spend a lot of time explaining them over and over again to users that ask for support.

Every user logged in the site will be prompted to read and agree with these terms in order to continue accessing the site. Although I do not expect that to happen any time soon, if there is the need to update the site terms of use to clarify that are raising doubts or to mention new aspects of the site usage, a new revision of the site terms of use will be presented later.

For now, I would like to ask all of you that for some reason need to obtain support, please check the newly created help FAQ page on which you may find the answers to many of the frequently asked questions about the site. The site navigation bar exhibits a link named Help FAQ that points to this page:

Happy Easter,
Manuel Lemos

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