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Finally I have implemented a feature that addresses a long standing problem with the notification messages sent by the site.

As you may have noticed, whenever an author adds to a class or updates class files, the site sends out a notification message to the users who have previously downloaded the class, except for those that have unset the
user option about updated packages notification.

The problem was that when an author added or updated many files at once, the site sent as many notification messages as the number of files that were added or updated. This circumstance upset many users who did not want to receive so many messages.

To solve the problem, I have implemented a queue of pending changed files notifications. Instead of sending immediate notifications of any updated files, the site now processes the queue of changed file notifications only once an hour. Then the changes made to files of the same package are notified in a single digest message.

A positive side effect is that this change will reduce the load on the site mail server as it will need to send far fewer notification messages.

So, if you have previously set your user options to not receive change classes notification messages to prevent receiving too much mail, but you still consider this kind of notification useful, you may want to set that option again in the user options page: ...

If you are a user who has contributed any classes, you may be interested to know that the changed files notification messages are generated at minute 4 of every hour.

If you want to avoid notification messages of your class changes being split into more than one message, just wait until about minute 10 of an hour and add or update all the files of your class at once. 50 minutes should be sufficient to update many files.

I would like to take this moment to remind you about the site bugs and feature request pages. If you would like to help improve the site, feel free to submit any bug reports or new feature request here:

You may find out about joining a new bugs reports and feature requests
mailing list, as well as information about pending reports here: ...

Do not forget that to submit new bug reports or feature requests you
need to create a new account in the bugs site that is distinct from the
acount that you use in the main site. Feel free to submit your reports now.

Manuel Lemos

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