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PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report April 2015 Edition - January 2015 nominees

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This is the April edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the outstanding features of all the past month nominees and winners PHP and JavaScript packages, the prizes that the authors earned, starting with the nominees from the month of January 2015.

Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript to learn why the nominated packages were considered to be innovative.

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This is the latest podcast hangout episode on the PHP Innovation Award  and the JavaScript Innovation Award about the nominees of January 2015. We comment only on past nominees to avoid influencing the voting results. This way we are only talking of packages published already in January. The nominees of January were voted on February. In March the results were announced.

You may listen to the audio recording, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript below.

JavaScript Innovation Award Nominees of January 2015 (00:20)

1Call Me
Establish video chat communications between users
Andras TothHungary100.00%1One book of choice by Packt

JavaScript Innovation Award Rankings of 2015 (02:03)

Award Winners by Author of 2015

1Arturs SosinsLatvia13
2Ovidiu BokarUnited Kingdom12
3Jason GerfenUnited States11
3Andras TothHungary11

Award Winners by Country of 2015

2United KingdomUnited Kingdom12
3United StatesUnited States11

PHP Innovation Award Nominees of January 2015 (03:44)

Create DOCX Word document dynamically from HTML
Raskin VeniaminRussian Federation31.25%9One copy of the Zend Studio
2PHP Push Notification Android and iOS
Send push notifications to Android and iOS devices
YoungHyeong RyuSouth Korea28.12%8
3PHP MongoDB Mini ODM
Store and retrieve objects in MongoDB databases
Maicon gonçalezBrazil12.50%7PhpStorm IDE personal permanent license
4Pure PHP Yubikey Local OTP Authentication
Check a YubiKey OTP authentication locally
André LiechtiSwitzerland9.38%6One downloadable copy of CodeLobster Professional
4PHP Graph Real Time
Display graphs of machine usage in real time
Gianluca ZanferrariThe Netherlands9.38%6One downloadable copy of Komodo IDE
6Google API Add Hints
Add type hinting comments to Google API classes
Michal KowalikPoland3.12%4One downloadable copy of PhpED Professional
6PHP DB Fast
Manage database of objects stored in record files
Rafael RodriguezCuba3.12%4
6PHP Hot Map
Call PHP classes and functions using AJAX requests
Rafael RodriguezCuba3.12%4
9PHP What Happened Today
Extract events that happened today from CSV file
Amer HendyEgypt<1.00%1

PHP Innovation Award Rankings of 2015 (14:00)

Award Winners by Author of 2015

1André LiechtiSwitzerland216
2Ruturaj ManiyarIndia19
2Raskin VeniaminRussian Federation19
4YoungHyeong RyuSouth Korea18
4Rafael RodriguezCuba28
4Lucas de OliveiraBrazil18
7Richard McFriend OluwamuyiwaNigeria17
7Maicon gonçalezBrazil17
7Chi HoangFrance17
7wapmorganRussian Federation17

Award Winners by Country of 2015

1Russian FederationRussian Federation216
5South KoreaSouth Korea18
10The NetherlandsThe Netherlands16


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JavaScript Innovation Award Nominees of January 2015 (00:20)


Manuel Lemos: So moving on, we are going to now talk about the Innovation Award. We will start about the Innovation Award of JS Classes. We will talk about the winners of January that were voted in February, and then, in March, the results came out.

So in January, unfortunately, there was only one submission. Unfortunately, this is just what we got that month. It was actually a very interesting application called Call Me. It can establish video chat communications between users. It was written by Andras Toth from Hungary.

It was very, very interesting, and I think everybody should try it because it is very neat to see video chat working on a browser which is done in pure JavaScript, although it relies on the service called PeerJS. And for this, Andras picked one book of choice, a Packt.

JavaScript Innovation Award Rankings of 2015 (02:03)

Manuel Lemos: Well, even this, despite in January there was only one nominee, the current Innovation Award ranking already takes in account also the nominees of February. Guess who is in first place?

Arturs Sosins: Really hard to guess. It was not intentional. It was not intentional.

Manuel Lemos: Yeah. Arturs is leading now the ranking with just one package, but got three points; followed by Ovidiu Bokar from United Kingdom with one package and two points; then, Jason Gerfen and Andras Toth with one package and one point.

By country, it's also nothing surprising because it's practically the same ranking of the nominees. Latvia is in first with one package and three points; then United Kingdom with one package and two points, and then United States and Hungary with one package and one point.

Well, fortunately, then in March, there is some more nominations, so I hope this JavaScript Innovation Award gets more interesting. We can talk about it next month.

PHP Innovation Award Nominees of January 2015 (03:44)

Manuel Lemos: So now, we are going to move on with the Innovation Award of the PHP Classes. Again, we'll start to talk about the nominees of January. In January, there were nine nominees. They were voted in February, then in March, the results come out.

So Arturs, which package do you like to comment?

Arturs Sosins: So let me share the screen, and then I'll bring... That was incorrect screen. Yes, that should be it. I don't know, we'll just zoom in a little.

So the first package I wanted to comment is VsWord, which basically allows you to create, generate Microsoft Word documents from HTML.

This actually is quite great, because I remember previously, I was looking for lots of components. Some of them were using COM components for PHP. Some of them define XML files, and well, it was always kind of messy. I think in PHP, to generate Word documents with HTML is the best way, and this is what is provided by this class.

It was created by Raskin Veniamin from Russia, and he got one copy of the Zend Studio for it. It's a great class. That's why I like it.

Manuel Lemos: Yes, that's really very pragmatic because most people already have their PHP application generated in HTML, so if you can use that same HTML to generate the Word documents, it's a very straightforward solution.

Arturs Sosins: Exactly. Next one I would want to comment is PHP Push Notifications. What it actually does, it sends cross-platform notifications to both Android and iOS devices. I once also needed to implement similar services to test them, and they have different APIs and some differences. So combining it was a challenge and this class does exactly that.

This class was developed by Young HyeongRyu from South Korea, and I think he didn't have a prize for it, right?

Manuel Lemos: Yeah. Actually, sometimes it happens, I emailed winners, "Well, what prize do you want?" And sometimes, they do not reply. I don't know, maybe the message went to his spam folder and now, he didn't get a prize.

Well, if he's listening to us, please contact us. You still have time to get your prize. He's not the only person that this happens. It seems to happen more with people that are not very familiar with the English language. Probably, they don't understand the message that has been sent. But anyway...

Arturs Sosins: So if you need to send notifications from those devices, you can use this class. It would be great if it would also support Windows phone, sending notifications... wink, wink... but we'll see.

So the next class I wanted to comment on is PHP MongoDB Mini ODM. It's not like ORM but ODM... Object Document Mapping... I assume, and what this class does is basically retrieves documents from MongoDB because documents is basically a row in the table for SQL, and it match it to an object in PHP.

This class was developed by Maicon Gonzalez from Brazil, and he got PHP Storm IDE for this class.

Next class is called Pure PHP Yubikey. I think we commented on something recently. It's an OTP, one time password. Only, last time, I think it was authenticating through other servers, and this class authenticates locally by decrypting... I don't remember exactly the format of OTP, but it's, I think, decrypted it and provided, verified some credentials or something like that.

The class was developed by Andre Liechti from Switzerland, and he got one downloadable copy of CodeLobster Professional.

The last class I wanted to mention is PHP Graph Real Time. The first time I heard about it, I was interested how it would be drawing grids and graphs in PHP, but of course, this notion is as usual, HTML, JavaScript, and Ajax request, but this class provided out of the box in updating data from the server. So if you need something like this, go with this class.

It was developed by Gianluca Zanferrari from The Netherlands, and he got one downloadable copy of Komodo IDE for this class.

Manuel Lemos: OK, on my behalf, I would also like to comment about a few classes. Let me share the screen here.

So the first class I wanted to comment is an interesting solution for a problem. The author, in this case, Michal Kowalik from Poland, created a package that adds hints to Google API code. So Google distributes class libraries to access their APIs, but they don't have type hinting comments on the code. He processes the code files and adds those type hinting to make them more useful, for instance, in IDE.

So this is an interesting solution for a problem that should not exist. Presently, it exists.

Arturs Sosins: Well... that way really, it must be a trend.

Manuel Lemos: Yeah, well, it was quite a hot trend right now.

Anyway, Michal got one downloadable copy of PHP ED Professional. Congratulations for his package.

Another package that I wanted to comment is a simple one, which sometimes some sites would like to display, "Today is Day so and so," and, "Several years ago, it was the day of something... a birthday, somebody died, there was a battle," or something like that.

This class called PHP What Happened Today by Amer Hendy from Egypt. It can extract that information from CSV file that you can update with whatever are the relevant events that you want to show. It can extract the events that happened today and other days... in other years, I mean. This is a very interesting package.

Another package that I wanted to comment is called PHP DB Fast. It can manage database objects, except that it use flat files to store the records of those databases. It's an interesting solution for this type of problem, because we all have various strong and mature databases.

But for some reason, he probably wanted to use a solution that did not rely on a real database server and implemented a sort of NoSQL database. It's interesting that it can sort of implement even transactions, things like that.

So congratulations to Rafael Rodriguez from Cuba for this package.

Finally, I want to comment about a class named Hot Map that allows you to perform AJAX calls using codes that the class supplies, and he can map calls to PHP objects and functions using AJAX requests. This class is again also developed by Rafael Rodriguez from Cuba, so congratulations to him for his contribution.

PHP Innovation Award Rankings of 2015 (14:00)

Manuel Lemos: Now, we are just going to see how are the rankings for the Innovation Award of 2015. Since PHP classes has much more contributions, the competition is getting hotter.

Individually, Andre Liechti from Switzerland is ahead with 2 packages and 16 points, and then followed by Raskin Veniamin with 1 package and 9 points, as well by Ruturaj Maniyar from India with 1 package and 9 points; Lucas de Oliveira from Brazil with 1 package and 8 points; YoungHyeong Ryu from Korea with 1 package and 8 points. Rafael Rodriguez has the same points but he has 2 packages from Cuba, as we mentioned before. And then, several other authors with one package and seven points.

This is getting very interesting because there are many more than 10 authors already in this ranking, but we are only showing ten here.

By country, so far Switzerland is ahead, tied with Russia with 2 packages and 16 points. It is followed by Brazil with 2 packages and 15 points; India, with 2 packages and 10 points; Germany, 2 packages and 8 points. Then, we got South Korea with one package and eight points; Cuba with two packages and eight points; Nigeria and France, one package and seven points; and then, The Netherlands with one package and six points.

So this competition is getting very interesting. We have been having a great number of contributions. Actually, I would like to even apologize to all authors that had been submitting packages, because there are many packages in the queue, almost 30 packages, I have not have enough time to approve all of them.

Unfortunately, I've been having health problem in the stomach. I'm feeling better now, but I feel a bit tired and cannot work as fast as I hope, but I hope from now on, things will work faster. Oh, thank you.

Arturs Sosins: We forgive you.

Manuel Lemos: Thank you.



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